Issue 30 • Janurary 2020

The Sustainability Issue

By Hongru Chen, Brooks School

Letter from the Editor-in-Chief

Dear Readers,

To begin 2020, the Editorial Board and I have decided to use this issue to explore the idea of sustainability. Headlines from the Australian wildfires and reports of new climate policies in different countries illustrate the need for action to protect the health of the diverse ecosystems that sustain life on Earth.


2019 was the second hottest year on record. Places like Germany experienced record breaking warm weather. Additionally, the Greenland ice sheet experienced exceptional melting, as there continues to be an upwards trend of greenhouse gas emissions. The last decade has been the hottest experienced on record. Rising temperatures and changing climates have effects natural phenomena such as El Nino, which greatly impacts global industries and ecosystems.


Beginning in September of 2019, the bushfires in Australia have continued into the new year. With an estimated death of about 1 billion animals, the diverse ecosystem that Australia is home to has been ravaged. The consequences of the fires include the devastation of food and shelter for all inhabitants of the island along with a long road to reconstruction of the forests and natural landscape of Australia. Everyone can help the people on the ground combat the fires. You can donate to the firefighters, the Australian Red Cross, and donate to nonprofits like GIVIT to help provide specific items for the people who need them in Australia.


The issue of environmentalism has become increasingly prevalent. From the Climate Strike and Climate Marches, the youth are taking a stand against climate change and working to enact legislation to create a more sustainable future. From interviews with the people at our schools and personal reflections on environmentalism and climate justice, this issue brings together people from different schools and their relationship with environmentalism. Maybe by reading and sharing our experiences with environmentalism, we can inspire others to take a stand for the Earth we are all a part of.


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Grace Li, Milton Academy '20



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