Issue 32 • February 2021


"Bond" by Hongru Chen, the Brooks School

Letter from the Editor-in-Chief

Dear Readers,


Thank you kindly for your patience with the publication -- we know it’s been a minute since we last released an issue! With the disruptions caused by COVID-19, The Tavern board has found it harder than ever before to organize our separate boards for a new issue. As such, the issue you see before you is one we have worked on since October, with original plans to publish late December, so as the Editor-in-Chief, I would like to apologize if any prompts seem a little out of date. 


For this issue, the editors and I decided to tackle the idea of “Change”. With so many adjustments and changes happening in each of our lives since last March, we thought that it was fitting to explore how those changes affected each and every one of us through COVID-19, Black Lives Matter, Remote Learning, and so much more. Within this issue are wonderful pieces written by students all around the world covering a variety of topics. 


We hope you enjoy this short issue! The Tavern editorial board looks forward to bringing you more issues through 2021.


Lynn Yuan, Milton Academy '21



The Tavern 2019-2020 Editorial Board

Brooks School: Hongru Chen

Milton Academy: Anne Kwok

Phillips Academy Andover: Gayatri Rajan

Phillips Exeter Academy: Emma Reach

NMH: Linh Dinh

Tabor Academy: Lela Krein



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