Clara Choi, Brooks School
December 31, 2019

Chantey- Akdong Musician

Home-- from The Wiz 

Castle on the Hill-- Ed Sheeran 

Love Poem-- IU

Safe and Sound--Capital Cities

Photograph--Ed Sheeran 

I will be home for Christmas--Michael Bublé

All I Want for Christmas Is You -- Mariah Carey

The holiday season is a joyful coming yet beneath help us practice gratitude. Whether we feel homesickness or excitement of The New Year’s, towards the very end, we get to reflect ourselves and connect with loved ones. The Brooks School Editorial board arranged a Holiday Spotify music list under The Tavern’s Holiday Special. Each song has ranges of music from ballad to pop and artists from different countries. We hope that the pleasing tunes of the music lift your stress and worries and connect everyone with the fondness of home.


Chantey represents many boarding students’ homesickness by juxtaposing a lonely melody and lyrics describing freedom. Some students are thousands of miles faraway from home, “free” from mundane household irritations. However, we all miss our home, our family. In some ways, the price of freedom is loneliness.


Home embodies Dorothy’s desire to return to a place she once knew and all the familiarity of it. Her life in Kansas may not be magical in the way Oz is, but it holds power over her because of the love she feels for the place and its people. 


Castle On the Hill is a call to return to the simplicity of childhood. There is beauty and magic in this time in our lives which so many people idealize. It is also the time when a sense of and a definition of home is established. The songs draws an association between childhood and home. 


Love Poem sends a heartfelt message of love and encouragement to anyone who feels like they are spending a long night of loneliness. The lyrics remind us that we all have a person who deeply cares for us. Perhaps even now, someone is softly singing a love poem for you closely or faraway, reaching out that they still will give constant support. 


Safe and Sound is a pleasant reminder of the people we can count on no matter what. Despite the challenges life throws at us, it also gives us people who can support and guide us through the hard times. Whenever you’re with this special someone, you can weather the severest of storms as long as you have them holding your umbrella.


Photograph gives a feeling of warmth and reminds us that even though things can get rough in life, love can bring in happiness and joy. Either from a loved one or family. Even if one goes through hard times, they will always have support from their loved one.


I will be Home for Christmas sends a nostalgic feeling. The song is gentle but lonely. The lyrics “I will be home for Christmas, you can plan on me” represents the boarding students’ eagerness to go home during the Christmas season. 

All I Want For Christmas Is You is a romantic, upbeat Christmas classic that reminds us that spending time with family and loved ones is what Christmas is all about. The upbeat tempo and iconic line, “All I want for Christmas is you”, sets the mood for a joyful, love-filled Christmas season.


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