The Good Parts of Being Single

Caroline Samoluk, Brooks School
February 29, 2020

February has rolled around again in the dead of winter, and with it comes Valentine’s Day! Valentine’s Day is a great day for those with a significant other, but for those of us who are single, well... maybe it’s not the most encouraging holiday. But to all the singles out there, do not despair! There are benefits to our seemingly lonely state. Here are some of the good parts of being single:

  1. You get more time to spend with your friends. If you’re dating someone, it is assumed you will want to spend a significant amount of time with them; at least, I should hope you would want to spend a lot of time with them, otherwise, why are you dating them? But when you’re in a relationship, your friends don’t suddenly disappear. You still need to spend time with them! This creates a dilemma of how to balance your time. Whomever you chose to spend your time with, the other is going to potentially feel sad. You have to make tough choices. But, when you’re single, no such choice exists! Have a great time just hanging out with your friends and not thinking about some imaginary significant other. 

  2. It’s cheaper. This one is pretty self-explanatory. There are so many holidays that require gift-giving; when you're in a relationship, you have to deal with all those holidays plus date nights, anniversaries, birthdays, not to mention the random just-because gifts. That adds up to a lot of cash. Now if you’re single, all the money doesn’t need to be spent. Maybe you’ll spend the same amount anyway on yourself? Sure, but that’s self-care and we’ll get to that later. 

  3. Being single is less stressful. I’m not going to go so far as to suggest singles don’t have to worry about anyone, because that’s not true; there are still friends and family and pets to be considered, but you have one less person to worry about. Usually, a lot of worries can come with a relationship and with worry comes stress. We are all stressed and have a million things to do, but us, singles, don’t have to be constantly taking into consideration another person’s feelings and how we affect them in such close quarters. 

  4. Self-care. Ah, self-care. Something so important and yet so hard to do. Like I said, before, being in a relationship means constantly thinking about another person’s emotions, but when you’re single, you really have the time to think about just your own feelings. You can focus on yourself, not at the expense of another. Sometimes, being in a relationship may not be the healthiest thing for you depending on what is going on in your life, and that is perfectly fine. Alone time is just as important as with-someone-time. Also, when you’re single, you have the time and space to sit back and put on a face mask.  

  5. You’re a free agent. Love can be found anywhere and at anytime. When you’re single, that door is always open! Your life could turn into a rom-com at any moment: in the grocery store, on the bus, or in your Tik Tok For-you page. The possibilities are endless! You are tied to no one and nothing, at least romantically. 


Maybe I haven’t convinced any of you to break up with your special person, but hopefully, I’ve shown that having a significant other isn’t everything, especially in high school. So to all the singles out there, don’t give up hope and don’t think you’re less-than just because you’re the only one in your friend group without a significant other.


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