Welcome to the common room!

At boarding schools, common rooms serve as the heart and social hub of any dorm. It's a space to chat, study, sing, dance, watch TV, have late-night conversations, etc. In our common room, we intend to do the same. Anyone and everyone attending our ten schools is welcome to send content to editors@the-tavern.net, which we will then post to the common room in a rolling manner -- starting now! Posts don't have to, but can, be related to the current issue's theme, so get creative and send us anything and everything you would like to share with the larger MA boarding school community.


Examples include, but certainly aren't limited to, short personal anecdotes, podcasts, trains of thought, long responses to our past articles in the archives, humor pieces, videos, music, etc. Click here to check out submissions from the 2016-17 school year. We look forward to seeing your creativity and sharing it with the rest of the The Tavern audience!


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