Milton Academy

December 31, 2019

I Like U- NIKI

With the year coming to an end, this song reminds us of coming to terms with our romantic feelings. With a beat that you can move to, NIKI puts together a song that combines contemporary R&B with lush vocals. With New Year’s around the corner, why not tell the person you like how you feel.


Dumebi- Rema

Released by 19 year old Nigerian artist, Divine Ikubor, the song is in style with his panoramic take on afrobeats. Appealing to both the mainstream hip-hop and alté scenes, Rema charms the music-savvy kids of his generation while also defining the future of afro-pop. With the beat, setting the tone for the song, the sharp emphasis on the words creates an irresistible rhythm for the listener to move to. About wanting to connect with a girl, the song teaches us about how interpersonal connections make up humanity. Like the artist said himself, the song was “just about the vibes.” As we go into 2020, a new decade, maybe surrounding ourselves with good vibes should be a resolution to ourselves.


N Side- Steve Lacy

The first single released from his debut album Apollo XXI, the sultry single pairs a simple percussive loop with a haunting melody that reminds one of ‘90s soul music. Making you want to close your eyes and sway to the music, the nostalgic tune is an ode that gets warped into ecstasy. The song is imbued with a double meaning that is either adorable or intentionally hilarious, either way the song succeeds in creating a milky blend of beats and rhythmic genres. Creating a space for the listener to fall into rich melodies, the song allows listeners to close their eyes and gently sway, letting the world fall away for four minutes.



Beef FloMix-FloMilli

With more than 5 million Spotify streams, the song has found a strong audience that definitely is drawn to the raw and honest vocals. Inspired by her experience of getting picked on in high school, Flo Milli wanted to create an anthem for the girls who went through and are going through the same things that she went through in high school. Not caring about what other people say her, Flo Milli uses her confidence to inspire other people. As the New Year comes around the corner, we all can take some time to reset and come into the new decade with some newfound confidence.


Don’t Let Me Down-Marcia Griffiths

Known for her strong and smooth vocals, Marcia Griffiths brings together a symmetrical rhythmic pattern with an emphasis on the third beat. With percussion and guitars, the song holds a simple rhythmic pattern that creates a clean backdrop for Griffiths’ vocals to stand out. Like many other reggae songs, this one is about love and socializing. This song lulls the listener into idyllic peace.


Inspired- Buddy 

Starting with a strong percussion, the song begins with Pharrell’s iconic four count start before the vocals begin. The bass-heavy song is paired with Buddy’s golden voice which creates a really timeless rhythm and song. Easing between rapping and singing, Buddy’s vocals layer over each other smoothly. A rap and R&B hybrid, this song talks about adventures and the good vibes that can be found with weed, hookups, and dancing. 


Happy Holidays from Milton’s Tavern Board! Here are some songs we’ve loved this year. Each song serves as a snapshot of blissful and teaching moment of this year. Above all else, they’re all bangers.


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