Lela Krein, Tabor Academy
February 3rd, 2021

One positive (?) change to result from the pandemic is a wealth of time to do nothing. But of course one is never really doing nothing when they’re “doing nothing.” Here’s an itemized list of all the nothing I’ve been doing: 


  1. Last week I took the first of what will likely be several driving exams. The only thing written in the comments section of the score sheet was “off road.” Does this mean I went off the road during the test, or that I should be kept off the road? I suspect both. 

  2. I’ve watched the movie Shutter Island five times. A+ movie, D- Boston accents. 

  3. Since the PSAT results came in, I’ve been personally victimized by the automatic mailing list of every college in America. The Cincinnati School of Mortuary Science has been scouting me pretty aggressively, which is flattering. (It’s supposed to be the Harvard of mortuary schools.) 

  4. I’ve been working at this souvenir tee shirt store in my town. The woman who owns it insists on selling Trump and Biden shirts, which is an ethical pickle no matter how you look at it.

  5. Last month my family got a dog. I don’t know if dogs have a conception of God or a grasp on theology, but we’re raising her Catholic. She doesn’t understand Italian, but she was pretty riveted by the Pope’s Advent address–I think she’s got the Spirit of Vatican II.  

  6. Spotify tells me I spent eighty-two hours listening to Dolly Parton in 2020. And of the three thousand songs she’s written, I have yet to find one I dislike. 


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