For the Unrequited and Uncoupled

P. E. Murray, Tabor Academy
February 29, 2020

For many of us, Valentine’s Day was a reminder that we are presently single. Being high schoolers, many of us are also inexplicably lonely people, and this reminder that we lack romantic companionship only exacerbates the condition. Those of us who have never had a boyfriend or girlfriend may find it impossible to imagine another’s desire for us. Our own insecurities and relatively short existence lead us to think: what if this is it? What if we don’t find love?

I have often taken comfort in this definition put forth by the great scholastic philosopher, St. Thomas Aquinas; love, he maintained, is “to will the good of another.” It is this definition which I truly believe to be the only adequate way to describe proper love. Such a lofty word as “love” must never be something cruel. Nor must it ever be something restrained to certain people or certain feelings. It shall not be reduced to romance alone. For love to be worth anything at all, it must be something universal and all good. It must “will the good of another,” whomever that may be.

Most would find a life without romance is a difficult and lonely existence. But a life without proper love would be intolerable. Thankfully, we shall likely have both.


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