Tabor Academy

Ethan Sweeney

Edited by Peter Murray

December 31, 2019

Home for the holidays. Every year we all retreat back to our families and escape the Tabor bubble for a brief two to three weeks in order to maintain a few of the most nationally celebrated traditions, Christmas and Hanukkah. For those who celebrate either of these holidays, what makes this tradition so important? I would argue commercialization but rather than be pessimistic, let us take a look at what makes tradition tradition.

Tradition is not just about repetition. The repetition of an event is intrinsic to what makes a tradition what it is, but it is not what is at its core. Humans are creatures of habit, we repeat things every day of our lives. In my opinion, we repeat things to a mind-numbing extent. We do things like wake up at the same time, go to school, do our homework, eat dinner at the same time, eat lunch at the same time. Our lives are just variations of the same few days over and over again. But none of these things are traditions. Tradition really is about bringing people together, and that is why it is so important to cherish. I have very few traditions, but the ones I have are really close to my heart and things that I wouldn’t give up for anything.

Every year a company called “Warren Miller” comes out with a new movie. This movie is about skiing and showcases all the great skiing from the year before. As an avid skier, I really enjoy watching these movies every year because it gets me excited about the ski season and it comes out in November right before the mountains open for business. The most important part of this movie for me, though, is that I get to go with my Dad, and over the years I have brought more and more friends to join us and watch the movie. Most recently my sister has joined us, and it has become a wonderful excuse to see all my closest friends no matter how long it has been since we last saw each other and to spend quality time with my family brought together by a sport that we all love. I think this is my most important tradition, and as I move on to college, I hope I am able to carry forth this tradition with me and bring it to whichever school I end up at.

Tradition is something that brings people together like nothing else can. It unites people in a common interest or goal and makes them closer. Even though I only have a few traditions, I value them very highly and I am grateful for the bond it creates amongst me and the people involved. I hope that over Winter break, during this time of many different traditions, we all take a moment to appreciate our families and our friends and the people involved in these traditions. Don’t take for granted these important occasions, they can truly be something special for everyone. Happy Holidays, nutcrackers. Keep the eggnog rolling.


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