How to Stay Single and Sane in February

Linh Dinh, NMH
February 29, 2020

Dear Lonely Valentiners,

‘Tis the season for love to be in the air. It really seems like you can’t escape it, not this month, no. Trust me, I know — I’ve been there! 

You may get sick of couples holding hands and locking lips everywhere you turn, and the newly-stocked up shelves of pink and red cheesy cards on supermarket aisles seem to mock you and your loneliness at this time of the year. You can’t even escape social media — those lovey-dovey captions under ridiculously adorable photos just hit the wrong nerve.

It hit me so hard that I actually looked up “how to survive as a single on Valentine’s day” not too long ago. Well, look no further — my top tips are right here:


1. Eat your feelings away

Be it your favorite caesar salad with a sprinkle of croutons, your favorite carton of ice cream, or three large portions of McDonald’s fries. Whatever it takes to take your mind off of all that lovey-dovey-yucky stuff, do it!

2. Watch a movie/Start a new series

Whether this is with your friends, family, pet, or by yourself, know that you can have a good time without needing an S.O. 


Mean Girls, White Chicks, Black Mirror, You (might want to do this with some company!), anything that makes you happy, or anything that’s been on your Netflix list for a while now!

3. Go out with people you love and appreciate

Be it family, friends, or just by yourself — remind yourself that love doesn’t need to be found in one person who’s supposedly your soulmate. Love is in the little moments that you spend with those who make you happy. Even if you’re eating alone, put that phone away! Cherish this moment.

4. Read something

School can always get in the way of some relaxing reading time. So, light a candle, get cozy in bed, snuggle up under your blankets, and read the night away.


5. Sing in the shower

This one always feels good, must I say more?


6. Stargaze

Did you know that we’re made of stardust? That’s pretty damn awesome if you ask me. Plus, the stars are kinda cool. See if you can spot any. It’s also a good excuse to go on a drive or just get yourself out of the house!

(pssstttt: if you want to, try and connect the stars that you see and make funny shapes out of them!)


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