Only the Best

Tate Frederick, St. Marks 
December 31, 2019

This playlist is composed of songs that were playing during important times in my life, that means something special to me, or that have lyrics that I have kept with me.  Each song is unique and if I need a playlist that I know I will enjoy without having to skip a single song, this is what I play.


Outrunning Karma, Alec Benjamin: I first heard this song on a playlist apple made for me.  I played it nonstop for the next week. The beat is so special and memorable.  Alec Benjamin is one of my favorite artists because of his storytelling ability, and this song is a solid example of his style and talent.  Outrunning Karma reminds me of worn-out sneakers and being home alone.


High school, Alexander 23: Before this song was released, I heard it live at an Alexander 23 performance (opening for Alec Benjamin).  I brought my eleven-year-old brother to the show to see his first-ever concert. Alexander 23 was one of the first openers that I genuinely enjoyed, and this song made me stop and take in my surroundings.  It is gentle and beautiful, yet sad. The High School reminds me of long hugs and oversized hoodies.


Vienna, Billy Joel:  This is one of my favorite songs of all time.  The lyrics remind me to step back. They demand to be sung.  The piano and accordion add such a unique sound. Listening to my sister sing this song is one of my favorite things to do.  Vienna reminds me of comfortable couches and butterflies in my stomach.


Greek God, Conan Gray:  The lazy, drawn-out, and echoed vocals in this song perfectly fit with the message, which is to stay in your lane.  The chorus is upbeat, but the verses are more melancholy. It reminds me of long car rides and staring out the window, puffy clouds, and the colors red and blue.


I Don’t Miss You At All, Finneas: the lyric “all but forgotten // about those eyes // a shade of green // that if it’s seen // would make F. Scott Fitzgerald cry” made me smile when I first heard it.  I love the reference to one of my favorite novels, and the music behind the words is just as beautiful. The lyrics in this song are so descriptive, and they make the story so clear to the listener.  I don’t miss you at all reminds me of English class and brick walls.


Crying on the Subway, Hana Vu: This song has something indescribable.  The music and mumbled lyrics fit perfectly together, and listeners feel as if they are sitting sadly in a subway car.  This song reminds me of the colors purple and green and black high heels.


 Only angel, Harry Styles:  The lyrics in this song are so special to me; they read like poetry.  The vocals are powerful. The instrumental intro is dreamlike, yet the song is classic rock-inspired.  It makes me want to dance and flip my hair. Only Angel reminds me of the color pink and suits paired with stilettos.  


Love Me, Kay Cook:  This song is easy to sing along to.  The lyrics are simple and kay’s voice is gentle and soothing.  I listened to this song on my way to work in march. Work made me anxious for the first couple of shifts and this song calmed me down.  Love Me reminds me of rain sliding down the car window and messy buns with tied headbands.


Somewhere Only We Know, Keane:  This song is a true classic.  No song has ever come as close as this one to make me cry.  The powerful music combined with the almost-begging lyrics makes for a song that sticks with you.  This song reminds me of lying in the grass and typing quickly on a laptop.


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