10 tips for singles to survive & thrive on Valentine's Day!

Anonymous, St. Mark's  School
February 29, 2019

  1. Throw a Christmas party. Or a 14th of July party. Off-season decorations are usually really cheap, and you and your friends will have so much fun in the ridiculousness of Halloween in February that it won’t even matter that you are single.

  2. Hand out candies and chocolate to your friends and dorm neighbors! The highlights of Valentine’s also include giving and sharing, not just receiving.

  3. Hold a contest with your friends on who can come up with the most awful pickup line! The winner earns some chocolates (and “ew”s).

  4. Stay off social media. Trust me, you don’t want to see those lovey-dovey couples posting about their eternal love.

  5. Cover yourself up in a cozy, warm blanket with a cup of hot chocolate in your hands. You will be able to feel great warmth as well as sweetness without even having to look for a date! 

  6. Make some chocolate-dipped strawberries. Just grab some chocolate, microwave it, and dip strawberries in the chocolate. Easiest recipe ever– simple and sweet! 

  7. Binge watch some cheesy romance shows/ movies. Who needs a date when they can have sweetest, good-looking Hollywood stars in their screens?  

  8. Call your mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, friends back home, whomever you love. Express love. Make sure they know that you love them!

  9. Celebrate what you love, it doesn’t have to be a person that you love. Valentine’s can also be a day spent with the things you love. turn on your favorite music, treat yourself with some of your favorite food, and activities you love doing. 

  10.  And of course, eat lots and lots of chocolate! 


Remember, you deserve to enjoy some love and sweetness on Valentine’s, just like anyone else!


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