Gayatri Rajan

 Phillips Academy
February 29, 202

Sixteen Things You Say to Yourself When Single on Valentine’s Day

for sixteen candles

1.     Maybe a ghost is in love with me and is keeping all potential love interests away.

2.     Maybe it’s me. (spoiler: probably not.)

3.     Studies show that most people meet their soulmate before age 21. I have time…right?

4.     Maybe I’m the star of a hidden-camera TV show about loneliness and love.

5.     Maybe it’s you. (spoiler: probably not.)

6.     I’m in a committed relationship with this chocolate.

7.     I love being single!

8.     I hate being single.

9.     Valentine’s Day might not be that bad. Hey, there’s chocolate, right?

10.  A calendar has more dates than me.

11.  My significant other lives in the future-- it’s a long-distance relationship, we make it work.

12.  Maybe I should get some cats-- embrace it, you know.

13.  Pizza is the best valentine.

14.  Singlehood is the best-- just watch Love is Blind to confirm that.

15.  Rom-coms are both excruciatingly sad and unfathomably beautiful.

16.  Maybe, just maybe, when I’m ready, I’ll find that spark.


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