Issue 22 • October 2018

Art & Lit

How i know i’m going to be okay

Katie Reveno, Groton School

In this life, i can


Lay my head down on someone else’s stomach

And laugh at the cotton candy clouds drifting by


Pound my feet against hard pavement

Until my bones splinter


Lay so still I might as well be dead

And listen to the music that is the buzzing inside my head

Build up walls and tear them down

So that I am legible if only people would learn to read


Dream black ink on a white page up into a mirror

And smile at myself


Stop caring

Then start again


Sneak onto a spaceship and fly to the moon

Then squeeze a blue-green sphere between my thumb and pointer finger


Cut the ropes that bind other people to me

And close my eyes while they leave or stay


Look at the person sitting across from me

And realize that I understand them better than I understand myself


Jut my chin out and show off my tearstained face

Like a brand new rose colored dress or battle scar


Steal the third dimension and shove it into my mind

Then marvel at how flat everything seems


Be whole with other people

Or be whole by myself


Swim upstream to try to trap liquid memories with my hands

And grip them until my knuckles turn white


String words into fragmented snapshots of my second world

Before taking 1 step forward


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