Letter from the Incoming Editor-in-Chief

Dear Readers,

Last week, when I was told to write this letter, I remember struggling for a way to adequately say hello and introduce myself. What do I say to truly display who I am and how important the Editor-in-Chief role is to me? I have so much to convey about why I’m excited about my future work with The Tavern team, but also much to convey about this current Editorial administration and its development of The Tavern throughout this year. So, I concluded that I’ll make this introduction less about my personal history and more about the ways that I have been touched by The Tavern and its existence.


First, though, some information about me. My name is Amiri Tulloch, and I’m finishing my junior year now at Andover. I’ve been writing and working with journalism since I was eleven, when my dad showed me sports talk radio. I committed – then and there – to becoming a sports broadcast journalist. Since, I’ve involved myself in various types of journalism through projects both independent and collective; projects that include my own journalistic platform but also school papers and other group endeavors. My love for writing, reading, inquiring, and talking has led to my avid appreciation of journalism’s diverse manifestations, whether it be in writing, podcast, video, or a combination of them all.


Above all, newspapers have always connected with me. I remember me as a kid, marveling over the pages of The Star-Ledger, my local paper in NJ. Although I was drawn to sports and cartoons, I always held staunch interest in the composition of the newspaper. The sections. The graphics. The special spreads. The theme. The font. They all combined to create the magic of newspaper – a spell that lured me enough to trot out my house every morning and grab the day’s newest art piece. And so, years after my first exposure to the newspaper, it is unreal to me that I am now about to lead The Tavern.


The thoughtpaper first caught my eye because of its surprise. When I saw information posted about joining The Tavern, I was intrigued. A thoughtpaper? What even is that? And, although my initial curiosity attracted me to The Tavern, it was the paper’s bold concept and fresh, new vision that largely kept me along. Despite the storied history of traditional journalism and newspapers, I have always loved projects that rethinks journalism and approaches it in an unorthodox sense. The Tavern definitely represents that, and – months after my first encounter – I still think The Tavern’s ingenious concept is one of its strongest qualities. I wholeheartedly plan to continue building on The Tavern’s uniqueness and inventive identity over this coming year.


I’m so appreciative of the confidence Chloe has showed in me as a leader in the EIC role, but also awed by what she did with The Tavern in just one year. She trailblazed a clear path through this entire inaugural year – a path that will make my trek through the EIC journey less rocky. From carving The Tavern into reality, to managing The Tavern through its beginning stages, to constructing the framework for ten different schools to participate and collaborate, Chloe’s vision is to be thoroughly applauded. To build such an innovative creation from a mere idea to something tangible and thriving, in the span of a year, is nothing short of incredible. Undoubtedly, Chloe’s work has set a standard for The Tavern’s future and represents a bar of excellence that I will strive to clear throughout this year.


Additionally, special thanks are due to Zizo Bahnasy, my Editor this past year on Andover’s Panel, for steering me through the year and continuously encouraging me to contribute. As a new student at Andover this year, I can’t emphasize enough the impact of his leadership and support in helping me navigate the Andover community.


And, with the great help of those leaders and countless others…here I am. Enthralled to join The Tavern and looking forward to the future, recognizing that the role of EIC is a massive responsibility. I still feel butterflies when I think about the sheer amount of work it will be to attempt to fill the shoes left by Chloe. Yet, those concerns are outweighed by the incalculable feelings of excitement I get when I think about the potential and possibilities for The Tavern next year and in the future.


I can’t wait to expand the boundaries of what is possible here, as this space has already grown into a powerful space for students at boarding schools. This year alone, at boarding schools in Massachusetts, The Tavern has initiated important conversations and pushed forward countless others. Moving forward, I’m firmly committed to ensuring that The Tavern continues serving as an outlet for our student voices to be heard. It is vital for us students to chronicle our unique boarding school experiences while also forming productive connections with each other.


All in all, I can’t wait to work with everyone at The Tavern this year. This creation, kicked off by Chloe and everyone who helped during this first year of operation, is already soaring. My job as EIC is to provide as much lift as I possibly can in a year’s worth of work. I have so many ideas about how we can move forward, both in how The Tavern works as a thoughtpaper but also how we interact with you, the audience! Your continued commitment to The Tavern fuels so much of our work, and for that, I say thank you!

Enjoy the first Editorial Board’s last issue, and stay tuned for more from The Tavern next year.


Amiri Tulloch, Phillips Academy Andover '18



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