Introducing The Tavern’s 4th Editorial Board

The Editorial Board is comprised of ten high school students: the Editor-in-Chief and eight school Editors. Members regularly contribute to a group message in which we discuss individual school matters, give updates on the statuses of individual school panels, and make editorial decisions. Not only do the Editors come from different schools, but we also come from different regions of the world. We use our diverse experiences to make The Tavern the working machine it is today.

Grace Li

Editor-in-Chief, Milton Academy

Audrey Chung

Editor, Brooks School

Claire Lee

Editor, Groton School

Erinma Onyewuchi

Editor, Milton Academy

Ayleen Cameron

Editor, Northfield Mount Hermon School

Katie Park

Editor, St. Mark's School

Charlotte Gebhard

Editor, Tabor Academy

Gayatri Rajan

Editor, Phillips Academy Andover

Emma Reach

Editor, Phillips Exeter Academy

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