Milton Academy

Erinma Onyewuchi

December 31, 2019

This November was my first time making a realistic New Year’s Resolution. Yes, November. 


Maybe those who claim New Year’s Resolutions are pointless have gotten to my head, but the thought of a possible resolution has always been met with the equal and opposite force of self doubt. Large goals felt daunting, and I struggled to simplify them into manageable items on a year long to-do list. 


What makes my resolutions this year realistic is my focus on the skills needed to achieve any large goal rather than the goal itself. Self-discipline, for example, can be practiced by setting one alarm in the morning and waking up immediately. This discipline, in turn, can aid in goals like saving money or losing weight. Hopefully that example gives you ample insight into what kinds of resolutions I’m interested in, while it should be noted that I don’t plan to share my resolution just in case it flops. Well, that’s half the reason. Most importantly I want to keep my resolution to myself so I can see if progress is visible to others before I announce what it may be. (Think people noticing a haircut before you mention it to them). 


Like I mentioned, I started my 2020 resolution in November of 2019, so this month has been a test run in all things self improvement. I hope to report back in some way after a few months, and would love to hear what your approaches to the new decade are!


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