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Issue 26 • May 2019

Humans of The Tavern

Education & Accessibility

Interviewed by Nicole Li

“Brooks feels like a family. I love the strong emphasis people seem to place in close-knit communities. People here seem to know each other and the same people– more than I’ve ever thought possible coming from a huge place like California. Although it gets tiring sometimes, I like how New England feels like one big family. However, living abroad for a year in a whole different country was truly the catalyst of gaining my independence. If I hadn’t gone away to China for a year, I don’t think I’d maneuver the world in the way I do now. Going away allowed me to take a break from this [Brooks] bubble and become exposed to something completely new which also gave me an experience that was exclusively mine– something I could talk about, but it’d be my little secret. Something only I truly experienced. Something that couldn’t be relieved or imagine through my stories. Only grasped. But never 100%. ”

- Axidi Iglesias, Brooks School

“I learned to take everything less seriously and that you shouldn't stress about anything. Almost nothing you do matters when there’s no real authority in place. Nothing you do matters too much unless it’s like really bad, then punishment doesn’t exist. Because of NMH I learned whenever you have free time, you can do whatever you want, because if you have work to do it does itself last minute.”

-anonymous, NMH

Interview by Kazuo Nakamura
Screen Shot 2019-05-31 at 3.48.31 PM.png

“Besides the educational perspective, I would say adapting to new cultures while remaining myself is another thing that I get from St.Mark’s. Regardless of the interests I already have, there is always space for me to explore the opportunities provided at the school. Getting to know people from different parts of the world, sharing thoughts and cultures with them, is priceless. St.Mark’s does not change me but rather shapes me to be who I am today.”

- Wichayamas (Gift) Paekul, St. Mark's School

Interview by Lora Xie

“I am both excited and anxious for what's to come. I'm feeling very grateful, a little more secure and very retrospective. The fact that I'm about to graduate is making me really value all the sacrifices  ad hard times that many people made to help me ”

-  Amira Brown, Milton Academy

Interview by Grace Li
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