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Issue 25 • Feb-Mar 2019

If you could grow up in another place/culture,

what would it be? 

"Not on a prep school campus."

“I’d live in America. Specifically Texas because Ted Cruz is the senator.”

“I chose South Africa because it’s a unique blend of culture from all over the world.”

"The Scottish highlands."

"White. Life would be so much easier."

“I’d live in Greece, on the beach! The culture is very carefree and about living in the moment.”

“Australia ‘cause hot Australian man bun surfers, beaches, and KANGAROOS.”

“South Korea, because k-pop is cool.”

"Somewhere where I would grow up bilingual instead of only really speaking English."

“New Zealand is gorgeous, clean, warm, and there’s rugby.”

"The streets."

"Now. United States. If I was to be born earlier by a significant margin, I would suffer from many issues that are now relics. If I was to be born later by a significant margin I would potentially have to deal with international conflicts with tension rising."

"Norway: lots of skiing, happiness, and snow!"

"Carthage during the time Aeneas comes."

"A culture in which libelous and incorrect articles containing false and unsubstantiated claims are not published."

“Mexico, so that I could be closer to my family.”

" A totally different planet."

"North Korea. It would be fascinating to see (though I don't actually want to live there)."

“I would live in Puerto Rico because my family is from there and I would like to be more connected to that culture.”

"I would want to grow up in Canada. The U.S has so many problems right now I would just want to see how chill Canada would be."

"Upper East Side."


"Cali in the 60s."

"Perú. It's culture is central to the mythology of South America."

"Scandinavia- beautiful outdoors, rich cultural traditions, excellent free education and health care (thanks social democracy!) and a high happiness quotient! Also great proximity to the rest of Europe for travel."


"Nantucket 1840s-50s. Whaling culture."

"Out of earth."

"I would want to grow up on Venus because humanity sucks."

"Not a European one."

"France, 19th century."


"NYC... public school... go to school in Manhattan, but live in Brooklyn for the sweet sweet moments of isolation following a busy day of people and city things..."

"I think the culture I'm growing up in right now is more than perfect."

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