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We went around our schools and asked

 "Sustainability Confessions"


Here is what some students had to say...

"I take 25-35 minute showers." 

"At my house we have a separate white trash bin that we throw all of our recycling in so that our guests think that we recycle, but we end up throwing it all away in the same place as the trash."

"Plastic straws😔"

"Sometimes I buy plastic bottles of water."

"I tend to leave lights on when I leave my room."

"I flush the toilet several times because I'm afraid of it clogging. When I talk to other people, I only hear one flush and I feel bad for wasting two or three more toilet bowls worth of water."

"Buying lots of products with styrofoam packaging."

"I use way too many cotton rounds for skincare."

"Sometimes, when I'm just not feeling it, I throw everything in the trash instead of sorting out recycling. I feel kind of guilty, but it just seems like too much effort at the time."

"I go to St. Marks school."

"My room gets incredibly warm, so I fully open my windows to cool it but I've heard that's a huge waste of energy. I know its bad, but I be breaking a sweat every time I move around."

"I use plastic silverware almost daily...😢😢"

"long showers, straws, drive a jeep"

"I use amazon prime way too much because its convenient and the plastic packaging is definitely bad for the environment."

"I use ziplock bags."

"I waste a lot of food."

"I’ve used like 500 plastic water bottles (the single use kind) this year...and I’m a e-proctor."

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