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Each issue of The Tavern will be led by a theme or theme question relevant to the boarding school community at that time, which will ultimately be decided by the Editorial Board, but we are open to suggestions from any of our readers.

As of now eight schools officially participate in The Tavern, but this is not to say that we are not an exclusive band of those eight schools. Through this "submit" tab, we hope to engage with people outside our community, including but not limited to other high school students, out-of-state boarding school students, parents, and prospective boarding school students.

Any of our readers are also welcome to submit letters to the Editors, whether that be a response to an article published in our current issue, questions or concerns, suggestions for future issues, etc. We promise to respond promptly to all letters, and if deemed interesting and appropriate, with your permission we may even publicly address your letter in our next issue.


Thank you for your interest, and we will be looking forward to reading your letters!

-The Tavern Editorial Board

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