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Issue 1, Theme Question

"Do schools encourage voice but ultimately censor their students?"

Brooks School

School Meeting Censorship: A Sense of Belonging

Written by Rowan Beaudoin-Friede, Brooks School Editor

Concord Academy

Censorship at Concord Academy: It's Not Always Black and White

Written by Jesse Ryan

Deerfield Academy

Let's Chat

Written by Nick Leone

Governor's Academy

Education's Worst Nightmare? The Safe Space. The Safe Space's Worst Nightmare? Logic

Written by Taha Bilirgen, Governor's Academy Editor

Groton School

Privacy or Censorship?

Written by Ella Capen, Groton School Editor

Milton Academy

Diary of an (Almost) Mad Black Woman

Written by Solace Mensah-Narh, Milton Academy Editor

Northfield Mount Hermon School

Less is More

Written by Victoria Woo, Northfield Mount Hermon School Editor

Phillips Academy Andover

An Age of Fear: Progress and Innovation

Written by Abdelaziz Bahnasy, Phillips Academy Andover Editor

St. Mark's School

Outrage, Dialogue, and Censorship: An Invitation to Difficult Discussions

Written by Gabe Brower

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Created by The Tavern's Cartoonists,

Malik Gaye (Groton School)

Lilly Le (Milton Academy)

Alice Lu (Phillips Academy Andover)

Simon Zylstra (St. Mark's School)

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