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We went around our schools and asked our students:

“After a long winter term, what was the best part of Spring Break?”

Here is what some students had to say...

“Not having to know the day of the week or the time of the day.”

- Phillips Exeter Academy


“Seeing sunlight.”

- Milton Academy


“The miracle of human ingenuity called the pillow and blanket.”

- Brooks School


- Tabor Academy


“No breakfast check in!! That thing sucks!!”

- Brooks School

“Not having to count the hours of sleep I got.”

- Phillips Academy Exeter


“Finally seeing the light of the sun.”

- Brooks School

“Spending time with family.”

- Brooks School


“No math.”

- Concord Academy

“Having wifi that doesn’t shut off at midnight.”

- Brooks School

“Crew spring training.”

- Tabor Academy

“Senior Spring!!”

- Concord Academy


“Not being at Brooks.

- Brooks School


“Hearing birds chirping in the morning.”

- Milton Academy


“Going absolutely wild in Florida while pretending to be a college student.”

- Brooks School

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