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Issue 21 • September 2018

 What is one thing you would talk about if your school environment did not stop you?


"How to cook Thai food." 


"Thoughts on gender identity and sexuality." 



"The head nurse is definitely gonna kill someone. She has given people the wrong medications and delayed ordering required meds for people on multiple occasions."

"Denying the Armenian genocide."

"The cliques of all white kids, also the fact that only skinny white girls are considered for relationships."


"Questions about the conduct of certain faculty members."

"How there is a lack of modesty among people. We hear all about these sexual assault cases, but really, with how people are dressing I am not that surprised."

"My love of goats. You better not censor me."


"Conservative perspectives."

"My eating disorder."

"My autism diagnosis."

"Changing a tampon."

"Mental health."

"Hook-up culture and the way boys take advantage of girls."

"DC/Misdemeanor stories."

"Sexual misconducts."


"School shootings."

"Reverse racism."

"My period."

"What it means to have undocumented parents."

"I'm no communist but capitalism is fucked up."


"Nothing. I can talk about pretty much anything I want."

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